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Melanie stands with Ken and Muriel Greene

Why I’m Thankful for Key Leaders

Posted on 26. Nov, 2013 by .


Although retail stores are trying to tell me it’s Christmas time, when I think of November, I still think of Thanksgiving. With “turkey day” just two days away, this is a good time to reflect on gratitude — for us especially, because gratitude is one of our organizational values. And for me there is no […]

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The Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees

What We’re Doing to Help Syrian Refugees

Posted on 05. Sep, 2013 by .


By now, we’ve all heard about the crisis in Syria. It’s been dominating the news. In the past few days we’ve heard a lot about the political implications of interventions into the civil war that is now in its third year. But beneath the debates, beneath the possible scenarios and their possible consequences, there are […]

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workers unloading bales of Quilts

We Need More Quilts & Kits

Posted on 09. Aug, 2013 by .


This morning we sent out an LWR eNews story about Quilts and Kits comforting Syrian refugees. Lutherans around the United States have been making Quilts and Kits for decades to send to people in need overseas. Last year alone we sent over 400,000 Mission Quilts to people overseas. But we need more! We have an […]

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Mankia sitting on a bed, holding a Quilt

Mankia’s Mission Quilt

Posted on 14. Jun, 2013 by .


Ndenaghafumwa Umburi is featured in our video, “Two Women. Two Lives. Touched by an LWR Quilt.” Here is a little more about her. Ndenaghafumwa Umburi (her name means “let us glorify God”) is a busy woman to say the least. Ndenaghafumwa, who goes by Mankia for short, lives on a shamba (farm) on the slopes […]

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three girls in Armenia under an LWR Mission Quilt

How many Mission Quilts do we ship every year?

Posted on 07. May, 2013 by .


When small groups of people in congregations gather throughout the U.S. and tie LWR Mission Quilts, it’s hard to fathom how many get sent around the world. All of these Quilts are donated by people like you. It shows how many small donations add up to huge amounts of comfort! In 2012 we delivered 412,710 Mission […]

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LWR’s Work Continues in the Philippines

Posted on 23. Apr, 2013 by .


Lutheran World Relief continues to respond to relief and recovery needs in the Philippines following December 2012′s Typhoon Bopha, which affected approximately 6.2 million people on the island of Mindanao. As of April 3, more than 855,000 people remained displaced due to the storm, according to the U.N. LWR is implementing cash-for-work (CFW) activities in […]

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Juliet and her baby

A First-Person Account of Living Through Typhoon Bopha

Posted on 13. Apr, 2013 by .


Juliet Sevilla is a 17-year-old mother living in Anda Barangay of New Bataan municipality in Compostela Valley Province, which was hit by Typhoon Bopha in December 2012. After the storm, Juliet received an LWR Mission Quilt, Baby Care Kit, Personal Care Kit and toothpaste from Lutheran World Relief. She told the following story to our […]

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