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5 Things You May Not Know About Coffee (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted on 12. May, 2015 by .


(Reading this via email? View the entire graphic here.) An estimated 54 percent of Americans over the age of 18 consume coffee on a daily basis. We are so passionate about it we’ve even fashioned a whole dialect around ordering it from coffeehouses. 1. The United States is not the largest importer of coffee While […]

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Coffee with a Conscience; or What is Fair Trade?

Posted on 18. Sep, 2014 by .


In the 18th century the Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus, renamed the cocoa tree giving it the Greek name Theobroma Cacao, which literally means ‘food of the Gods’. Throughout its history, whether as a cocoa drinking chocolate or confectionery treat, chocolate has always been much sought after. But few people think about the lengthy labor-intensive process […]

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chocolate-covered strawberries

5 things you may not know about cocoa

Posted on 19. Aug, 2014 by .


Chocolate. It’s almost a food group unto itself. Whether you are personally a fan or not, you probably know someone who absolutely loves a rich, delicious piece of chocolate from time to time. That love of chocolate helps spur the global demand for cocoa — a $110 billion per year industry. Think you know all […]

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Women in Peru sort cocoa beans. Photo by Olaf Hammelburg, for LWR

Cocoa farmers taste chocolate for the very first time (video)

Posted on 31. Jul, 2014 by .


The first time I visited Nicaragua — one of the major coffee-producing countries in Central America and a focus of Ground Up: The LWR Coffee and Cocoa Initiative — I was perplexed that the only coffee we had to drink was prepackaged instant coffee. Nowhere in sight were the beautifully bistre roasted beans of the […]

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woman taking a picture on her phone

Finding #LutheranWorldRelief

Posted on 05. Nov, 2013 by .


I have a confession to make. I’m a bit overwhelmed by social media. I have a Facebook account, a Twitter handle. I belong to LinkedIn, Klout and Pinterest. And keeping up with those accounts (even with their connectivity features) is quite taxing. But even still, I love Instagram. I originally joined to check out the […]

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pumpkins and a sign that says 'Treat? or Trick!'

10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Show You Care

Posted on 30. Oct, 2013 by .


Are your kids tired of trick-or-treating in a costumes that don’t reflect the passion they have for fighting global poverty? Are they constantly asking how they can show love to both the next-door neighbor and their neighbor overseas?  Have you searched high and low for that perfect outfit to wear to this year’s Halloween party that […]

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Christiana Adusei

The Women & Mothers of Kuapa Kokoo (part two)

Posted on 06. May, 2013 by .


This is part two of a two-part series. Read part one. The Bible is filled with stories of mothers who make an incredible difference in the lives of those around them. From Sarah to Mary, mothers and strong women followed God’s call, protected those entrusted to them and spoke with prophetic vision for their communities. […]

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