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We’re Proud to Introduce KindSight

LWR is proud to announce that we’ve launched a brand new, innovative way to give: KindSight. KindSight is a new way to help end poverty around the world. Choose specific parts of LWR projects to support and then get updates, photos and stories about how you are helping people help themselves. Money isn’t the only […]

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Red Cross/Red Crescent health workers start the day praying with Ebola patients in the outside area in front of their tents (October 2014)

How to Stop Ebola

Over the last several weeks, we have been getting daily, if not hourly updates on the spread of Ebola. More than 13,000 cases of Ebola have been diagnosed in West Africa and it is lapping our own shores. We can’t stop talking and wondering and worrying about our own safety, the safety of our families, […]

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Why Do We Bless, or Dedicate, Quilts?

In the LWR Quilters Group on Facebook – a place of 750 (and counting) dedicated Quilters and Kit-makers from across the US gather online – we’ve been having an interesting discussion. What’s the difference between a quilt “blessing” and a quilt “dedication?” And why do congregations do them before sending Quilts and Kits to LWR? […]

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How Mimes are Helping Youth in El Salvador

Even though it is a small town, Lolotique has big problems. Not too long ago, the mayor was killed by gang members. Unfortunately in this area – located in the eastern part of El Salvador – death threats and gang extortions are not uncommon. As a result, many youth see migration to the U.S. as […]

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illustration of sand dam

What are Sand Dams, and how do they help?

WHAT is a Sand Dam? A sand dam is a reinforced cement wall built across a seasonal (flows after major rainfall, then dries up again) sandy river. The dams are built by securing one or two long concrete barriers across river beds, and by placing a pipe under these barriers. When it rains, the water […]

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What is “food security”? And how does it differ from “hunger”?

“Food security” is a term that used all the time by people who work in the world of relief and development. But what does the term mean? Is it simply the opposite of hunger? Officially, food security exists “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy […]

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A few degrees make a big difference for Nepal citrus farmers

We’ve probably all had this experience. You make a purchase of beautiful, fresh produce with every intention to use it at the peak of its glory. Then, some weeks later, after life has happened, you stumble upon your neglected piece of fruit or vegetable and realize that it’s been called home. Indeed, preserving fresh food is a […]

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