Women sort coffee beans by hand at the Gabart LeVaillant coffee cooperative in Dondon, Haiti

Why Do Coffee & Cocoa Farmers Struggle So Much? A Q&A with Rick Peyser

Coffee and Cocoa are big business around the world. In the United States alone, coffee is the largest food import, and chocolate generates more than $20 billion per year in revenue. Yet many of the world’s coffee and cocoa producers live in poverty. Rick Peyser, Lutheran World Relief’s senior relationship manager for coffee and cocoa, […]

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How to Ship LWR Quilts & Kits Through Ingatherings

You’ve brought together a group of dedicated volunteers. Together you’ve cut, sewn and tied Quilts. Or you’ve held a drive to collect items for School, Personal Care, Baby Care or Sewing Kits. And of course you’ve assembled and packed them according to LWR guidelines. Now you have to figure out how to get them to […]

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How Your Support Makes Coffee Entrepreneurs in Haiti

This post is part of the ongoing LWR Blog series “My first LWR project visit,” in which LWR staff making first time field visits are invited to share their insights. We hope you enjoy their perspectives and that it gives you a new point of view of the work you support with Lutheran World Relief. […]

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The Global Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

A special summit at the UN General Assembly in New York beginning September 25 will approve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — 17 benchmarks to measure the progress achieved worldwide. Over 160 heads of state—including the Pope—will be present and President Obama will likely mention these goals in his address to the General Assembly. What […]

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Your LWR School Kit Questions Answered

This time of year many congregations are showing their love for their global neighbors by preparing School Kits to donate to LWR. We thank you for your generosity and compassion! As you prepare your School Kits, we thought we’d share the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this resource. If you have […]

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Middle Schooler Uses Bake Sale To Help Nepal

Twelve year-old Emily Blackwell loves to bake with her mother, Maegan. She’s been doing it since she was very little, helping to mix batters and frosting. Like in so many other families, baking time is together time. A chance to bond and pass on favorite recipes and methods. Recently, baking time was also helping time, […]

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woman walking in desert

9 Facts About Refugees

What is the definition of a refugee? How many refugees are there around the world? What causes people to become refugees? Here are 9 facts about refugees: 1. Refugees have fled persecution or war In order to officially be considered a refugee, a person must have suffered persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political […]

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fisherman in boat with net

This tool could mean a better, more prosperous future for a family

Hadi Raini is a mother and widow living in Indonesia. She has a small farm where she grows cassava. Cassava is a hearty, brown root plant that grows well even in dry, low-quality soil. It is packed with carbohydrates, which makes cassava a good crop to have on hand when other foods may not be […]

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seven women farmers listening intently

What Does Resilience Look Like “In the Field”?

LWR has a long history of development programming aimed at building the resilience of vulnerable communities affected by multiple shocks and stressors, such as natural disasters, conflict, and climate change and variability. This blog series, Reflections on Resilience, will examine emerging issues, innovative approaches and new resources in resilience work. It seeks to stimulate learning, reflection […]

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villagers kneeling around red coffee cherries

The Surprising Thing I Like MOST About Visiting LWR Projects

“What do you like most about visiting ‘the field’?” While in Indonesia in May visiting one of Lutheran World Relief’s recently launched coffee projects, a locally-based colleague asked me this. I think my response surprised her. In just over three years of service here at LWR, I have been blessed to visit about six projects […]

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New LWR Game Puts You in Charge of Fighting Poverty

Last month, I and three of my LWR colleagues attended the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit, Michigan. While the 30,000+ youth (and the adults who love them) were there to experience worship all together and serve the city of Detroit, we were there with one activity in mind…to play a video game! Central to our […]

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