a group of Nepali citrus farmers raising their hands

Nepal Earthquake: Why We Must Pay Attention to the Rural Poor

It’s easy to focus on urban Kathmandu and prestigious Mt. Everest in the wake of the earthquake that hit Nepal last week. But what about those who live in less visible places? Two researchers at the University of British Columbia wrote a powerful piece in The Globe and Mail about the importance of reaching the […]

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Sochele Banou lost her son Aly to malaria when he was 3 years old.

Malaria Is On Its Way Out – But The Fight Isn’t Finished

When Sochele Banou’s three-year-old son, Aly, got sick, she didn’t know what to do. In her remote village in Mali, there was little access to medical services and she couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t getting better. “My child cried so loudly,” she said, “We got to the hospital to see the doctor, but it […]

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LWR Travel Diary: Four Places I Found Hope in South Sudan

When I arrived to Maban County in Northeastern South Sudan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Just days before, a fresh round of fighting had broken out. This country, just four years old, has been embroiled in civil war since its inception. And if that weren’t hard enough, the young country is also home to […]

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Fund coffee farmers in Kenya through KindSight!

Last fall, LWR launched KindSight, a new way to use your time, money and voice to fight poverty around the world. Our first project – the Rural Women Led Vegetable Farming project in India – is going strong. We’re excited to introduce a second project – the APOKO coffee project in Kenya. Here’s what you […]

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Producer José Aquiles Espinoza holds coffee beans still attached to the plant

Lutheran World Relief Receives $350,000 from Starbucks Foundation

We are proud to announce that we have received a Starbucks Foundation grant of $350,000 toward a two-year project that contributes to the protection of the local ecosystem, provides sustainable livelihoods, and fosters community in Colombia: Pro-Café: Protecting Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Coffee Livelihoods. Coffee growers’ livelihoods and quality of life in central Colombia are […]

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What I Learned Visiting LWR Projects in Honduras

Dr. William J. Craft is a member of the Lutheran World Relief board of directors and is the president of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Recently Dr. Craft, along with the entire LWR board, traveled to Honduras to see LWR’s work there, especially with coffee farmers. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Craft’s reflection on […]

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Why Growing More Isn’t Enough for Cacao Farmers Living in Poverty

I recently visited Western Uganda, as part of the process of designing a project to help farmers improve their production of cacao, as well as family food security. (Wondering the difference between “cacao” and “cocoa”? This article explains it well.) We often get to hear about how our work – and your support – makes […]

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