Nepal Earthquake: LWR’s Long-Term Response

It’s been more than a month now since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, claiming lives, destroying homes and leaving thousands of people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. With your support, our staff and partners on the ground have been carrying out immediate emergency response – providing food, shelter items, water filters, quilts and […]

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Supporting Nepal through Vacation Bible School

From June 15-19, Sheridan Lutheran Church, in Lincoln, Nebraska, will transform into Camp Everest for its vacation bible school.  This Group VBS curriculum teaches youth to “conquer challenges with God’s mighty power” against the backdrop of Nepal’s most famous attraction. And with this curriculum comes a unique opportunity to connect VBS lessons to real world issues […]

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Photo Friday: LWR Quilt Distribution in Nepal

Just today we received these pictures from Omar Rahaman, LWR’s Senior Director for Asia and the Middle East. He is working in Nepal to coordinate our response to the April 25 earthquake. One part of our immediate response was to ship 9,240 Quilts, 1,000 Personal Care Kits and 100 water filtration units to Nepal to distribute […]

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coffee cherries are sorted and bagged

Why is “Resilient” Coffee Relevant?

LWR has a long history of development programming aimed at building the resilience of vulnerable communities affected by multiple shocks and stressors, such as natural disasters, conflict, and climate change and variability. This blog series, Reflections on Resilience, will examine emerging issues, innovative approaches and new resources in resilience work. It seeks to stimulate learning, reflection […]

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Nepal Earthquake: “The Lutherans are there!”

One of the best  parts of my job as staff writer at Lutheran World Relief is to sharing our work on Facebook, because I get to share with you the great work you make happen around the world. I noticed that when we posted information about our response to the April 25 earthquake in Nepal,  many of you […]

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Meet Krishna, Nepal Earthquake Survivor

This post was written by Umer Khan, LWR’s Senior Director for Emergency Operations, just days before a second 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck parts of Nepal. LWR staff on the ground report they are safe and continue to work to reach out to people affected by the April 25 earthquake. If you’d like to learn more […]

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A collapsed building in Kathmandu, Nepal,

Second Earthquake Hits Nepal: Notes from LWR Staff

A second, 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal this morning, less than three weeks after the first, 7.8 magnitude quake. Reuters reports that at least 37 people have been killed and panic is spreading. Lutheran World Relief staff are all safe and are continuing to assess the situation. Nicole Hark, LWR’s Deputy Regional Director for Asia & […]

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5 Things You May Not Know About Coffee (INFOGRAPHIC)

(Reading this via email? View the entire graphic here.) An estimated 54 percent of Americans over the age of 18 consume coffee on a daily basis. We are so passionate about it we’ve even fashioned a whole dialect around ordering it from coffeehouses. 1. The United States is not the largest importer of coffee While […]

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two women walk past billboard that says

Why “42” is Good News in the Fight Against Ebola

Liberia was one of the countries hard-hit by the most recent outbreak of the Ebola virus, which the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Africa regional office first reported in March 2014. [Source] Since then, more than 10,000 cases of Ebola have been investigated in the country and there have been more than 4,600 deaths [Source]. With […]

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Gayle Smith opens up the

Gayle Smith: A Great Choice for USAID Administrator

I could not be more happy with President Obama’s nomination of Gayle Smith to be the next Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Not only is she a consummate leader in the international development world, well-respected by both Democrats and Republicans, she also has ties to Lutheran World Relief! Gayle worked with LWR […]

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a group of Nepali citrus farmers raising their hands

Nepal Earthquake: Why We Must Pay Attention to the Rural Poor

It’s easy to focus on urban Kathmandu and prestigious Mt. Everest in the wake of the earthquake that hit Nepal last week. But what about those who live in less visible places? Two researchers at the University of British Columbia wrote a powerful piece in The Globe and Mail about the importance of reaching the […]

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