Will You Help Us Improve Our Communication?

Growing up, my brother and I were always cognizant of one very important rule in communicating with our mother. I’d even go so far as to say it was a survival strategy.

Never, ever, ever argue with each other before mom has had her coffee!

As a child I didn’t understand that, but as an adult I admit that a good deal of my ability to face the world in the morning has to do with the contents of my coffee cup (Ugandan Blend, from the LWR Coffee Project, in case you are curious!)

I bet if you think about it, there are things you just know about your family that helps you communicate with them better.

Well, here at LWR we consider you a part of our global family. You are more than supporters to us. Your prayers, gifts, time and talents have kept LWR going strong for more than six decades.

And we want to get to know you better and improve our relationship with you! That’s why we’re conducting our first ever LWR Family Survey. This survey will help us learn more about you and how to communicate the impact of your support on people living in poverty around the world.

Will you take five minutes to take the survey?

As a token of our thanks, you’ll have the opportunity at the end of the survey to register to win a Fair Trade gift basket or an LWR Gift! Both these items make great gifts and help a person in need rise out of poverty.

Thank you for being a part of the LWR family. From sharing about LWR on Facebook and Twitter, to making donations, to promoting and buying Fair Trade to assembling and donating Quilts and Kits, you help us reach out to the world’s poorest communities to promote justice, dignity and peace.

Take the survey and help us communicate your impact better.