10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Show You Care

Are your kids tired of trick-or-treating in a costumes that don’t reflect the passion they have for fighting global poverty? Are they constantly asking how they can show love to both the next-door neighbor and their neighbor overseas?  Have you searched high and low for that perfect outfit to wear to this year’s Halloween party that really dives into the depths of your faith, but just can’t find anything? Never fear!

Because we at Lutheran World Relief care about you, we’ve come up with ten last-minute, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that show your neighbors just how much you care. We’ll leave it up to you to imagine just how to create the costumes.

  1. Martin Luther and/or Katherina von Bora
  2. Martie the Mosquito

    Marti the Mosquito

  3. A Gravity-Fed Water System
  4. An LWR Gift: a worm, goat, or rice duck (preferably in a Norwegian sweater)
  5. Fonio, Millet, Quinoa, or other indigenous grains
  6. A Baby Care Kit
  7. LWR’s Logo (1,2 or 4 person costume)
  8. A Coffee Bean (Fair Trade, of course)
  9. A Disaster-Preparedness Plan
  10. Go with two of your best friends as LWR’s Tripartite model, or if that’s too technical, simply write “L” “W” “R” on your shirts.

Do you have other ideas? Leave them in the comments below. And if you decide to make a last-minute LWR costume, please send us a photo!