We Need More Quilts & Kits

This morning we sent out an LWR eNews story about Quilts and Kits comforting Syrian refugees. Lutherans around the United States have been making Quilts and Kits for decades to send to people in need overseas. Last year alone we sent over 400,000 Mission Quilts to people overseas.

But we need more!

We have an increasing demand from our partners. More and more people are asking for LWR Quilts & Kits!

We Need School Kits

a backpack filled with school supplies
LWR School Kits contain basic supplies like a backpack, pencils, notebooks, etc.

We need School Kits for children and families living in Armenia. For many of us, these seem like simple items. Yet for families who may be experiencing poverty, the cost of these simple supplies can often be too much.

School Kits can make the difference between getting an education or not! Learn more about assembling LWR School Kits»

We Also Need Baby Care Kits

Our partners at the Thai-Burma Border Consortium are asking for Baby Care Kits and Mission Quilts to give to refugees from Myanmar (Burma) who are living in Thailand.

These Baby Care Kits not only keep infants clean and clothed, they send a message to mothers and fathers that people halfway around the world care for them! Learn more about assembling Baby Care Kits»

Help Ship Quilts and Kits

If you are unable to help make Quilts and Kits, please consider donating to the Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund. What does it cost to ship Quilts and Kits?

  • $25 can help ship 11 Mission Quilts, 17 School Kits, or 19 Baby Care Kits
  • $100 can help ship 44 Mission Quilts, 71 School Kits, or 77 Baby Care Kits
  • $500 can help ship 222 Mission Quilts, 357 School Kits, or 384 Baby Care Kits

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