The Women & Mothers of Kuapa Kokoo (part two)

This is part two of a two-part series. Read part one.

The Bible is filled with stories of mothers who make an incredible difference in the lives of those around them. From Sarah to Mary, mothers and strong women followed God’s call, protected those entrusted to them and spoke with prophetic vision for their communities.

Kuapa Kokoo is a democratically operated, Fair Trade certified cooperative of cocoa farmers in Ghana, West Africa, where much of the world’s cocoa comes from. Kuapa Kokoo is part owner of Divine Chocolate, making it the first ever farmer-owned brand of chocolate. When you support the LWR Chocolate Project, you and your congregation are partnered with many strong women and mothers at Kuapa KoKoo. This series will introduce you to a few.

Christiana Adusei

Christiana Adusei has been a cocoa farmer for 20 years.  She joined Kuapa KoKoo with her husband 11 years ago. She has seven children, four boys and three girls and her youngest child is 14.  Only one of her children, her 38 year old daughter, is a farmer and she just started farming cocoa with her husband in Central Region.

Christiana joined Kuapa because she heard from other farmers that the organization was democratic and fair and that farmers received bonuses and a cutlass, which is among a cocoa farmers most prized tools.

About eight years ago, Christiana started as the secretary to the village recorder, the person who is elected by the village society to purchase its cocoa for Kuapa.  She started training farmers to dry and ferment their cocoa properly so that it met Kuapa’s standards of good cocoa.  “I saw that I was a good teacher,” says Christiana, “and that I could keep good records and I decided that I should become a recorder myself.” At the elections, she stood against the recorder, a man, and won.  Christiana says, “Kuapa trained me that as a woman I could be a recorder and could be a leader in my society.” Christiana and other women continue to benefit from regional women’s empowerment trainings offered by Kuapa’s Gender Program.

Christiana’s youngest daughter is still in school and Christiana wants to help her finish her education.  Christiana says, “I hope she will become a nurse and get a good job so she can help me in the future.”

You are a part of the story of these women and their families when you purchase Fair Trade Divine Chocolate through the LWR Chocolate Project. Your congregation is a part of the story when you sell Divine Chocolate or share it with visitors and new members. Bring your mother and the strong women in your life into the story by sharing Divine Chocolate with them this Mothers’ Day.

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