You Made a Difference in Mali (Infographic)

You made a difference in Mali!

In 2012:

  • 99% of parents surveyed reported their children under five slept under a bed net the previous night. (In 2006, that number was less than 30%.)
  • 81% of pregnant women received adequate doses of anti-malarial medication. (In 2006, that number was less than 4%.)
  • 91% of children received anti-malaria medication after reporting a fever. (In 2006, that number was less than 11%.)

Thank you for your support!

We’ve also made progress in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda. But we can’t stop here! Until malaria deaths are a thing of the past, there’s still plenty of work to do.

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative

Donate to the Lutheran Malaria Initiative

For every…

$1 you can help a child with malaria receive medicine. By receiving medicine once symptoms arise, malaria is treatable.

$10 you can help provide one family with an insecticide-treated bed net and the proper education on its use. A bed net can reduce malaria transmission by as much as 90 percent.

$50 you can underwrite the cost of malaria prevention messages to raise awareness on a local radio station. Many people know little about malaria, including how it’s contracted and its symptoms.

$100 you can help train healthcare workers to diagnose and treat malaria. Training medical workers is crucial to successful malaria education and treatment.

$1,000 or more you can help provide microscopes and other medical equipment to rural health clinics. Laboratory equipment helps to specially diagnose malaria.