We Need You to Help Fight Malaria

On World Malaria Day, Thursday, April 25, we have much to celebrate. Just a few years ago, this preventable, treatable disease claimed the life of a child in Africa every 30 seconds. Since then we’ve slowed that down to 60 seconds. But still, any death from malaria is too many. So there’s still much work to do.

We know that to fight malaria and win, we must strike at its root causes. We also know that poverty plays a key role in helping malaria to persist. When people are sick they cannot work. When they cannot work, they can’t afford health care to get better. They also can’t meet their family’s most basic needs.

But the good news is this: when you fight poverty in sustainable ways, you fight malaria — and you help people build better futures.

That’s just what we’re doing in malaria-affected countries in Africa — and it’s working! In fact, last month we received a report from our Lutheran Malaria Initiative staff in Tanzania that described our outstanding progress. With the support of people like you:

  • The number of Tanzanian children under the age of five that are using bed nets to protect them from mosquito bites rose from 66% to 89%.
  • There has been a 100% increase in the number of pregnant mothers receiving life-saving malaria treatment and training on how to recognize the symptoms.
  • Nearly 700 health workers have been trained to diagnose and treat malaria and, in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, we’ve reached nearly 1.2 million people through Sunday school classes.

We’re also seeing progress in Niger, Uganda, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Mali. Praise God! But we can’t stop here. Until malaria deaths are a thing of the past we must keep pushing. Will you help with a gift to Lutheran World Relief today?

Through God all things are possible! Please give generously so we can end needless malaria deaths in Africa.

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