The 10 Best LWR Blog Posts of 2012

Joining the countless end-of-year lists, we thought we’d round up the most-read blog posts over the past year. We also threw in a few of our favorites,

Here’s our top-ten list of 2012:

#10 – To Cut, or Not to Cut?

Klaus DeBoer
One of our top-viewed stories of 2012 and a story we love. Contributed by an Iowa teenager, Klaus DeBoer used his dreadlocks to raise over $2,500 to help LWR provide clean water systems to communities around the world. Read the story»

#9 – Reflections on a Love Feast

Dirty Feet
Melanie Gibbons, LWR’s Quilt & Kit Ministry Manager, wrote a beautiful devotion last Maundy Thursday. She ties her memory of washing her grandmother’s feet and being washed by her grandmother with the foot washing-like work of LWR. Read the reflection»

#8 – Malaria Deaths Declining

Woman and child getting malaria treatment
We couldn’t have been more happy last January to announce the great news that, thanks to the Lutheran Malaria Initiative and the worldwide effort to fight malaria, malaria deaths have dropped more than 33% since 2000 in sub-Saharan Africa! Read the story»

#7 – On God and Weather

This guest post from Pastor Jeni Falkman-Grangaard reflects on the tornadoes that hit the Midwest last March. She writes a gorgeous and profound reflection on God’s presence in the silence and suffering in the aftermath of the disaster. “God doesn’t cause suffering, but God shows up in it,” she writes. Read the reflection»

#6 – Through Death Comes Life

LMI Fellows
Another guest post. This one comes from a pair of Concordia University students, who are part of a fellowship through Lutheran Malaria Initiative. They traveled to Tanzania to learn about our work there and told the story of one man they met, Adam Heriel. Read Adam’s Story»

#5 – The Victims of Typhoon Bopha – A Hard Road Ahead

Typhoon Bopha
The typhoon that swept through the Philippines earlier this month didn’t stay in the media spotlight for very long in the United States. But LWR’s staff in the Philippines contributed stories of the people they met in the days following this epic storm. Read Warnita’s and Bibiana’s stories»

#4 – What Does Malaria Feel Like?

Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuściński’s vivid description of malaria paints a picture of something much worse than the flu. “Fever, headache, chills, nausea and vomiting” are accurate symptoms, but they do not express the violence and turmoil of the infection. Excerpted from his memoir, “The Shadow of the Sun.” Read the description»

#3 – We Love Because…

1 John 4
The Apostle John writes, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God and everyone who loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love. Beloved, let us love one another.” That pretty much sums up why we at LWR do what we do. Read the reflection»

#2 – Bringing Promise: A little church with a big heart

Easter Basket
When Christine Djalleta got the idea to make Personal Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, she couldn’t have guessed how big her idea would become. Read about how her gifts multiplied in her community of faith»

#1 – Introducing LWR Sundays

Quilt Blessing
People always ask us how they can get their congregations more involved in the work and life of Lutheran World Relief. So this fall we were happy to announce the creation of LWR Sundays, with a focus on Hunger. Read about how your congregation can take part»

What were your favorites this year?