LWR Gifts and Plush Goat Excitement

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my parents are actively involved in LWR Gifts. Every year my brother and I guess which of us will get the pigs, making obvious jokes that have not matured with our age.

Another thing you need to know about my parents is that they love cheesy, stuffed animals. The car has a stuffed animal on the dashboard, there is a stuffed animal or two in the home office and they have a stuffed reindeer that rolls on the floor laughing. It’s a big hit when guests come to visit for the holidays.

LWR plush goat

This year, with my new connection at LWR, I prematurely let slip that LWR was planning on giving away plush goats as a promotional item for LWR Gifts. Since then, whenever my parents call they ask if the goats are ready, yet.

My home church, All-Saints Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona, stays very involved in the community. This year, it seemed, they had too many commitments for the holiday season. They wanted to make LWR Gifts a priority, but they also wanted to have the very popular angel tree to give presents to local kids.  In order to do both, they moved LWR Gifts season to November. Unfortunately, the plush goats were not ready to launch until their LWR Gifts season was over.

My parents with pastor Joe at their LWR Gifts, coffee and chocolate table

But this did not stop my resourceful parents. One Monday morning in early November, I got a text from my mom saying, “I took the stuffed goat idea and bought a pig, a cow and sheep that will be given away by a drawing. Very fun to see Pastor Joe hold up the pig for the announcements.”

LWR Gifts at All-Saints went well, and everyone excitedly signed up for LWR Gifts with a hope that they might win a prize. My dad is still hoping he wins one of the prizes. They are having the drawing next week.

What have you done to get your church involved and excited about LWR Gifts? Respond in the comments below.