Happy World Egg Day

Apparently today is World Egg Day. (Don’t take our word for it, here’s the proof!)

I’m a big fan of eggs. They are what you might call my “default food.” You know, that food you can eat for any meal on any given day. I love them hard-boiled, I love them poached, I love them scrambled. I love omelets, frittatas and quiches. I just love eggs.

So when I found out it was World Egg Day, I was pretty excited to learn more about my favorite food. Here are three very interesting facts about eggs that, in my estimation, make them a truly spectacular:

  1. To tell if an egg is raw or hard-cooked, spin it. If it spins smoothly it’s hard-cooked. If it wobbles, it’s raw!
  2. There are eggs in the fountain of youth! Well…maybe not but they can fight off the signs of aging since they are packed with all sorts of anti-aging nutrients, including selenium.
  3. Eggs fight poverty! Yes, really. When given the opportunity, women farmers around the world can turn one laying hen into many opportunities. They can raise chickens and get eggs for their family to eat or sell. Nutrition and income, two important tools in the fight against poverty!
photo of man and woman holding small chicks
Isaak Kamulu Mutisya and his wife are farmers in Kyeemwea Self Help Group, a group that LWR is working with in Kenya. (Photo for LWR by Jonathan Ernst)

In honor of World Egg Day (and maybe another pretty special holiday coming up), help build a better future for a woman in need by purchasing the LWR Gift of Hens and Chicks. The eggs you give will crack open a world of possibilities!

Hen and Chicks


For a woman in Tanzania or El Salvador, a farm hen and chicks means eggs to eat, eggs to sell and chicks to grow a flock. Empower one woman and give the gift that keeps on giving … independence, sustainability and success.