Page 7a: Stories You May Have Missed

As the Kate Middleton photo scandal spreads across Europe, the royal kingdom has their hands full with meddling paparazzi. While London’s royalty worried about the repercussions of a romantic vacation, what else happened around the world?

Here are this week’s stories, excavated from Page 7a:

  • Women for Peace: While comparing 5 countries, it appears that women still have a long way to go to be able to get involved politically. Advocating for peace can be hindered when women have to pass the torch to men when it comes to formal agreements.
  • India Goes Global: India’s government has made some bold moves in their economy by allowing foreign investors in major sectors including supermarkets and electrical power.
  • New Nutrition for Malawi: The government of Malawi turns to agriculture and animal sharing to try to help the food shortages that impacts over 10% of the population.
  • “Afro-preneurs” Shaping the Future: Young men and women in Africa are empowering themselves to make big changes through innovation and technology.
  • “Green Public housing”: In Singapore, new buildings are being made eco-friendly and cost effective. They found ways to naturally lower temperatures, save water and fund solar energy.
  • Splash Obituary: Senator Edward Kennedy’s dog, Splash, died, and it made national news.  Maybe this story needs to stay on Page 7a.
  • Biking in Beijing: Biking is back as a social trend in Beijing and not just to travel to and from work. These are some great routes for next time you visit Beijing with your bike.


What other news have you read about this week? Leave your comments below.