Photo of the Day: ELCA Bishops in Nicaragua

Three bishops from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are currently traveling in Nicaragua to visit programs of Lutheran World Relief. Pictured here in Somoto, Nicaragua, the leaders attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new well that will provide clean water for the community.

This photo was posted on Facebook by LWR’s President, John Nunes, who writes:

[W]e asked the water committee: “Who’s permitted to drink from your new well?”

They replied, “Everyone.”

We pressed, “Everyone? Even those who don’t pay the water tax?”

“Yes,” they insisted. “God gave us this water. LWR helped us access it, and we must share it in solidarity with all who are thirsty.”

This well is part of a larger project that provides clean water, education about sanitation and its importance for health, agricultural training, and risk management techniques that can help people deal with natural disasters.

The bishops include Larry Wohlrabe from the Northwestern Minnesota Synod, Michael Rinehart from the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod and Bruce Burnside from the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin.