People Were Created With Nobility to Work

I remain adamant about the Lutheran Malaria Initiative precisely because I don’t believe that God meant for us to end poverty in Africa by giving hand-outs. People were created with nobility to work, which they cannot do if they’re sick or taking care of dying children. So, by removing malaria, LMI is building stepping stones toward Jesus’ gifts of life and hope and full human flourishing.

– John Nunes, President & CEO of Lutheran World Relief

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The Lutheran Malaria Initiative

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For every…

$1 you can help a child with malaria receive medicine. By receiving medicine once symptoms arise, malaria is treatable.

$10 you can help provide one family with an insecticide-treated bed net and the proper education on its use. A bed net can reduce malaria transmission by as much as 90 percent.

$50 you can underwrite the cost of malaria prevention messages to raise awareness on a local radio station. Many people know little about malaria, including how it’s contracted and its symptoms.

$100 you can help train healthcare workers to diagnose and treat malaria. Training medical workers is crucial to successful malaria education and treatment.

$1,000 or more you can help provide microscopes and other medical equipment to rural health clinics. Laboratory equipment helps to specially diagnose malaria.