Arcadia & Ludington – LWR Road Trip Day 1

Andrea Griese and Becca Tumm proudly show off their new Camp Arcadia gear.

Day one of LWR’s 2012 Road Trip through the Midwest started out amazingly. We began the day at Camp Arcadia (a Lutheran camp in northern Michigan), picking up John Nunes from a week he and his family spent at the camp. John was the guest lecturer this past week, discussing with other families what it means to love our neighbors around the world. Camp Arcadia has been a wonderful supporter of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, engaging kids and counselors in the effort to end malaria in Africa.

After a beautiful tour of the grounds and a chance to meet directors and staff, we hopped right in the car and headed to Ludington, Michigan, along the beautiful shores of the lake. Members of Bethany and Victory Trinity Lutheran Churches gathered under a gazebo at the lakeshore, as we talked about the work that Lutherans around the world do to help end poverty.

Talking by the banks of Lake Michigan, in Ludington.

John Nunes pointed back at the beautiful lake behind him as he talked about how easy it is for us to take water for granted. We turn on the tap and — instantly — clean, drinkable water appears. We talked about the lack of water in West Africa, especially in Mali, where a food crisis is going on. John recounted driving through the terrain that borders the Sahara desert, being surrounded by brown dust and dried grass. However, as they approached the area where LWR’s project with female onion farmers was, there was a clear, bright green oasis of healthy crops that grew from the horizon. LWR’s work did not just provide these women with today’s need for water, but put systems in place to ensure that these hard working farmers would have water — and a way to make a living — for years to come.

We talked about the comfort that LWR Mission Quilts and Personal Care Kits bring to people around the world, and thanked the men and women who work tirelessly to put together those Quilts & Kits.

It really was a great way to begin our week of travel, meeting new faces and bringing a word of good news to Michigan. What would you like to hear about during this trip? Keep following us throughout the week to hear more!