Last Chance for Big Savings

There’s only one day left in the big summer sale on Fair Trade Handcrafts from our partners at SERRV! Over 1200 handcrafts are now 25% off, including Overstock items.

Personally, I’m can’t resist SERRV’s line of Kitchen Accessories & Tools; I want just about everything. I’m a sucker for new recipe books and already love finding amazing and healthy recipes from Global Vegetarian Cooking and can’t wait to try The World of Street Food! Finding recipes that are traditional to the many places that LWR works is such a delicious way to feel connected to our staff around the world, and the millions of people we’re walking with.

So hurry up and find your next purchase. If your passion isn’t global cooking, be sure to check out the beautiful jewelry, handbags, or outdoor decorations.

Knowing that every item is made by skilled artisans around the world who get paid a fair wage for their work means you’re not only bringing beauty into your own life, you’re bringing beauty to their’s!

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  • I am a huge advocate of the fair trade movement and therefore found this of interest and worth sharing Fair trade African gold isn’t yet available to consumers however Brilliant Earth has recently introduced the world’s first source of independently certified fair trade gold into their collection! I’m proud to be a supporter of this company.