Page 7a: Stories You may have Missed

Amongst the continued violence in Syria, controversial magazine covers and political decisions, another week in the US has come and gone.  What big global events have happened this week?

Here are this week’s stories, excavated from page 7a:

  • While We’re on the Topic of Sanitation: Whether you live in the United States or in Ethiopia, sanitation and proper hygiene is an issue that affects you, but in Ethiopia, the lack of convenient water sources can make the difference between life and death.
  • Journey’s that Inspire us: Sharing life-changing stories of travel to other countries where they have gained a new understanding of culture, harmony, and coexistence.
  • What does Africa Look Like: There narrative of Africa that we come to know through the media portrays Africa as one indistinguishable country, AIDS ridden, poverty stricken, and precarious with constant political instability; but in reality, Africa is so much more than that. While there is still a great need in many parts of Africa, it is growing and it is changing for the better.
  • Sustainable Forestry: These women in El Salvador are cultivating energy forests, not to be chopped down, but for renewable and life-sustaining practices.

What else did you read about in the news this week? Please leave your comments below.