World Malaria Day 2012

Today is World Malaria Day!

In the last decade the world has made great strides in the fight against malaria. Today there is a unique global movement where  faith communities, international NGOs, donor institutions, governments and private corporations are all leveraging their expertise to end malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa by 2015.

While hundreds of thousands are still suffering from this terrible disease, great progress has been made.

In 2002, malaria claimed the life of a child every 30 seconds. By the beginning of 2011 it had slowed to every 45 seconds. Now it is every 60 seconds. The differences may seem minuscule, but those 15 seconds represent 1,440  lives saved every day– over 10,000 a week!

On World Malaria Day this year, we at LWR and LMI, invite you to join Lutherans around the globe in uniting in prayer.

Wherever you are at 2:40pm today (14:40 on a 24-hour clock)  please observe one minute of silence to remember all those suffering from malaria, and those who will lose a child or other family member to the disease.

You can help raise awareness for World Malaria Day by educating yourself and by spreading the word!