April 25 is World Malaria Day

One child in sub-Saharan Africa dies every 60 seconds from malaria, a disease spread by a mosquito-borne parasite. In a single 24-hour period (one day), 1,440 people in Africa will succumb to this disease. Please join us in prayer on April 25, World Malaria Day, to lift up all those who are facing the devastating effects of malaria.

Wherever you are on April 25, please observe one minute of silence at 2:40 p.m. local time (14:40 on a 24-hour clock) to remember all those suffering from malaria, and those who will lose a child or other family member to the disease.

Here is a prayer you might pray during the moment of silence:

Lord God, our most merciful Father, in this fallen and sinful world death is the constant and impartial enemy of all. We humbly ask you to show mercy on all those who are suffering from malaria today. If it be your will, restore the afflicted to full health. Surround them in their time of illness with your love, especially the children who are weak and afraid, through the family and friends who minister to them.

Comfort those who have already lost a loved one to malaria or will, especially the parents of young children, who in the minds of mothers and fathers are taken from this life too soon. We plead you to perform the miracle of ending this disease, in part through the education and relief efforts of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. Grant that LMI’s educators, physicians, health care providers and missionaries are powerfully and fully equipped to bring an end to the human suffering and death in Africa caused by malaria.

And Lord, through the Gospel of your Son Jesus, proclaimed through Word and Sacrament, strengthen our faith and lead others to see that a life in His grace leads only to an eternal existence in your loving presence. Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our savior. Amen.

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative

Donate to the Lutheran Malaria Initiative

For every…

$1 you can help a child with malaria receive medicine. By receiving medicine once symptoms arise, malaria is treatable.

$10 you can help provide one family with an insecticide-treated bed net and the proper education on its use. A bed net can reduce malaria transmission by as much as 90 percent.

$50 you can underwrite the cost of malaria prevention messages to raise awareness on a local radio station. Many people know little about malaria, including how it’s contracted and its symptoms.

$100 you can help train healthcare workers to diagnose and treat malaria. Training medical workers is crucial to successful malaria education and treatment.

$1,000 or more you can help provide microscopes and other medical equipment to rural health clinics. Laboratory equipment helps to specially diagnose malaria.