Page 7a: Stories You May have Missed

This week the Oscar Award for Best Picture was silent, Mitt Romney won both the Arizona and Michigan Republican primaries, and the world learned that Snooki is, indeed, pregnant. But what about news from outside our borders? What else is going on in the world?

Here are this week’s stories, excavated from page 7A:

  • Young Activists: Who says young people aren’t doing any good these days?
  • Cash for Work: Even in the middle of a drought food is often available, if you can afford it.
  • Sri Lankan War Crimes: Sri Lanka on Monday rejected U.N. involvement in probing allegations of army atrocities in the long war against Tamil rebels.
  • The Future of Fair Trade: Readers of The Guardian lend their views on what the future might hold.
  • It’s Bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s… Month: Our Fair Trade Coffee partner, Equal Exchange, is celebrating Fair Trade bananas this month with stories, videos, impact reports and more.
  • Practical Technology Solutions: The US Agency for International Development (USAID) recently said it will shift its focus away from relief efforts and toward “multidisciplinary, evidence-based approaches to development”.
  • The Female Face of Farming: Farming First and the Food & Agriculture Organization have put together an interactive infographic on the importance of women in farming.

What other news have you read about this week? Leave your comments below.

  • Dan, This is great work and a powerful way to use social media!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I hope you’re well.