Page 7a: Stories You May have Missed

This week in the world of nonprofits, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure controversy has dominated news coverage. Even just reading new donor reviews at gives quite the insight into the debate. (Shameless plug: while you’re at, why not write a great review for Lutheran World Relief?)

In other news, here are this week’s stories, excavated from page 7A:

  • SLIDESHOW: Crisis in Niger. The Guardian hosts photos of the growing food crisis in West Africa.
  • Trouble for famine-ravaged Somalia: Rebel group al-Shabaab has kicked the Red Cross out of Somalia for allegedly delivering out-of-date food.
  • Health is Tanzania’s Priority: President Kikwete of Tanzania on pens an OpEd explaining the importance of public health.
  • Violence in West Africa: The  head of the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in West Africa says that the humanitarian response to a hunger crisis in the Sahel may be hampered by insecurity.
  • Child Malnutrition: A sharp rise in child malnutrition is being reported by UNICEF in the flood damaged cities of Cagaya de Oro and Illigan in the Philippines, where LWR has been responding to the recent typhoon.
  • What is Ghana Doing Right? Blog at InterAction looks at why Ghana is ahead of others in striding toward the Millennium Development Goals.

What else was in the news this week that we missed? Leave a comment below.

  • Great round up, Dan!

    • Thanks, Serena! I hope Chad (the country, not some random guy) is still treating you well.