Food Crisis in West Africa – VIDEO

More and more buzz (see here, here, here, and here, just to name a few) is starting to develop around the impending food crisis in West Africa, specifically in the Sahel region of Niger and Mali.

The Sahel is the region in Africa that is a transitional zone between the Sahara desert on the north and the savannas to the south.

In the video above, President & CEO of LWR, John Nunes, interviews Tim McCully, LWR’s Vice President for International Programs, about the growing crisis.

Lutheran World Relief has been continuously working in this region to help prevent crises like this one, and we will continue to help farmers and families build up resources so that they can be more resilient when crises like this do happen.

Take Isa Kassogue (pictured above), for example. She is president of the Pouroly Village Women’s Association and president of the union of 14 women’s associations in Mali. These associations are participating in a shallot farming project with LWR and our partner YAGTU. LWR has been working on a comprehensive project with these shallot farmers, building wells and reservoirs for water, storage and processing facilities for their crops, and helping them build a relationship with a local financial institution.

Yakoromo Karambe cutting shallots in half to use for seed stock

We also work directly with the farmers, giving them business management training and the technical skills needed to ensure that their business is a lasting success. Read more about the shallot farmers in Mali, and about how many of the women are thriving there.

This impending food crisis in the Sahel is serious. Millions of people face an unknown future. And we here at LWR will continue to work with the utmost seriousness and determination to help these people. To find out more about LWR’s work in West Africa, or to find out how you can help support this work, go to