Page 7A: Stories You May have Missed

Every day, in every city and village around the world, news is happening. The news may not always hit CNN, FOX News, or the New York Times, but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly important. Or it may hit those major news outlets, but it’s buried back on page seven, where few people give more than a glancing second. It’s understandable that the upcoming presidential election and Republican primaries would garner so much media attention, or that news agencies love to report that Johnny Depp was recently voted America’s favorite actor. Those are not bad things to pay attention to — personally, I kind of enjoy Depp’s body of work, and have been watching just about every move of the potential Republican candidates — but what else is going on in the world that we don’t hear about on a daily basis?

We here at Lutheran World Relief believe all people deserve a chance to be heard (Luke 7:24-30), and that — even though we may not see the immediate impact — what happens to God’s creation anywhere affects God’s creation everywhere.

So we are beginning a new series on our blog. Each Friday we’re going to post news articles from around the globe, focusing on those countries where we are working to help farmers gain access to better prices at the markets, helping women gain a voice in local politics, and building systems to help protect the most vulnerable from the next drought, earthquake, or hurricane.

Sure, many of those stories may come from major media outlets, but they are stories that are hidden in the middle pages of the daily paper, or made into unnoticed & unnoticeable links in a small online column. We will certainly miss important stories, so if you know of great news and stories happening around the world, please include a link in the comments.

Here are this week’s stories, excavated from page 7A:

What other stories have you been following this week?