Join Us in Praying For…

…Jeann Llanor from the Philippines.

She recently gave birth to a baby prematurely amid the chaos of Tropical Storm Washi, a powerfully destructive storm that hit the Philippine island of Mindanao in December.

She lives in Cagayan de Oro, a city hard hit by the storm that has affected a total of more than a million people while claiming the lives of more than 1,200. The storm destroyed Jeann’s home and now she and her family live in a makeshift shelter. The area’s water systems were also heavily damaged forcing many families, like Jeann’s, to rely on rivers and other unclean water sources.

Jeann reports, “Sometimes we are unsure if [our water] is safe or not. In fact, my eldest child suffers from diarrhea.”

Jeann Llanor, with two jerry cans full of clean water.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Conrad H. Hilton Foundation, LWR is distributing potable water to 230 families in the most impoverished areas of Cagayan de Oro. Families will receive 15 liters of water per family member per day, in accordance with Sphere standards, generally accepted best practices in humanitarian response.

And with your help, LWR is also providing jerry cans to store the water and training for families on how to keep their jerry cans clean and their water safe.

“I am deeply grateful because we now have a regular supply of clean water,” says Jeann. “I will use it for drinking, cooking and bathing my children.”

Now a month after the tropical storm hit, there are still so many families like Jeann’s who are in need.

Please keep Jeann, and all the people of Mindanao, lifted up in prayer and please also pray for LWR’s long-term response. And please let us know who or what you are including in your prayers this week. Leave a note in the comments so we can all share in the power of God’s healing presence.