The benefits of a good job: how seaweed farming can change lives

Norberto “Norbing” Cacho, 51, has changed for the better and he attributes this change to his seaweed.

Norbing happily shared that seaweed farming helped him stop his drinking vices. “I realized after the trainings that my vices take a large portion from my income, and that is why I decided to stop. Now, I want to spend my income wisely,” he said. From his first seaweed harvest, he was able to buy a pump boat, which makes it easy for him to fish and tend his seaweed.

Norbing’s three children have already finished high school, and he hoped to use the money he earned from seaweed farming to send them to college. But Typhoon Washi destroyed his farm, and now his children’s studies are uncertain.

Your gifts to Lutheran World Relief will help Norbing and others to recover their seaweed farms and get back on their feet. Please give generously.