Wrapped in Love

In May, I was privileged to visit two sites in India that received LWR Mission Quilts. The Quilts were shipped as part of a very generous grant to the Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund from the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League for the 2010-11 Biennium.

At the tuberculosis hospital and an HIV/AIDS hospice I visited in Pailan, India, these beautiful gifts from your hearts and hands have become an important part of the healing process.

At the Santi Tuberculosis Hospital patients are treated in a variety of ways. Those who are very ill are treated in beds inside the hospital, while others walk for many miles between their home and the hospital to receive the lengthy series of follow-up treatments during the long recovery period.

All patients at the hospital receive Mission Quilts from LWR. Your bright gifts bring light and joy to a place of suffering. During a conversation with outpatients, one woman said that when she received her Quilt, she “realized someone was thinking about us, and it gave me immense joy.”

Another woman said she came to the hospital from a very poor family. “During the winter, I wrapped my whole family” in the Quilt, she said.

Dipali Pramanick shows off the quilt she recieved at the Santi Tuberculosis Society

Dipali Pramanick’s husband received treatment from the hospital, but ultimately lost his life to tuberculosis. Dipali, pictured here, keeps her late husband’s Quilt as a treasured reminder of him.

Staff at the Arunima HIV/AIDS Hospice, 15 miles north, do more than just treat physical ailments. They also provide warmth and care to those who are affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as outreach and education to the local community. Each resident received an LWR Quilt as part of their care. The patients have very few items of their own, and the beautiful Quilts brought smiles to their faces.

The hospice also runs a small school for the children who live there. Some of these children do not have HIV, but have lost their parents to AIDS. The children extend a warm thank you, including dancing and music, for their gifts. Shunned and forgotten by so many, the children’s Quilts serve as tremendous expressions of kindness, Christian love and comfort.

“The children really enjoy the color and the stitching,” one caretaker told me. “I feel they receive a motherly touch in those Quilts.”

Through your gifts, you truly serve as the hands and feet of Christ to these, His precious children. Thank you.