St. Louis Ingathering Puts Faith Into Action

Last weekend’s annual St. Louis-area Ingathering truly showed the generosity of LWR’s Quilt and Kit makers. Donations went up over 50 percent from last year!

On a gorgeous day at Concordia Seminary outside of St. Louis, LWR staff and seminary volunteers were expecting donations to be about the same as last year. Usually, churches from the area — St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, and Marion, Illinois — combine their Quilts and Kits at the Ingathering to fill about half of a 53-foot trailer.

After the initial rush, they waited for the usual lunchtime lull, but the cars, minivans, pickup trucks and trailers just kept coming. Staff, volunteers, and people dropping off their Quilts and Kits felt a giddy thrill as they watched the 26-foot trailer fill up. Soon they realized they had more stuff than truck.

The seminary staff did some quick thinking, and everyone helped load 7 more pallets of boxes for a separate pickup by Supervan, a local trucking company that has loyally supported LWR over the years. Jeff, the owner of dispatch coordinator at Supervan, was so excited to see how much the donations had grown that he took a picture to send to LWR staff.

So thank you, St. Louis, Columbia and Marion, for your unwavering support. Your efforts — and those of dedicated Quilt and Kit makers like you — will help LWR have the resources to respond to people in need the world over.

Want to join in the Quilt and Kit-making effort? Visit and learn how you can be part of this vital — and growing — ministry.