Photo Friday: Baby Care Kits in Dadaab

After giving up almost everything in order to flee from the droughts in East Africa, over a thousand new arrivals are entering the Dadaab refugee camps every day. The trek is often long, dangerous and in some cases, deadly. When the refugees finally arrive, there are many mouths to feed and basic necessities that need to be attended to .

Ambiya waiting in line with her son Hamza to receive their LWR Baby Care Kit after walking weeks to get to Dadaab

For some new mothers like Ambiya who arrive at the camps with only the clothes on their backs, their only hope is that their children will survive the long journey and have the best possible life in the camps. LWR is providing Baby Care Kits to new arrivals in Dadaab. Making resources available for new mothers to care for their children has made a great deal of difference in the lives of these refugees.

LWR and partner LMF are working hard to identify the most vulnerable arrivals, fulfill their initial needs, and help lay the foundation for long and prosperous lives.