The Faces of the East Africa Drought – SLIDESHOW

The Faces of the East Africa Drought – SLIDESHOW

Aug 9, 2011

Nearly 12 million people in East Africa are at risk of starvation and famine has been declared in parts of Somalia. Click on the image below to view a slideshow of the faces of the East Africa drought. And please, pass it on to your friends.

Click here to view slideshow

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  • Nesta Farmer

    Would it be possible for our youth to use the words fill the well on a flyer we are designing to raise money for the Fill the Well project for LWR.without infringing on copyright laws?

    • Lutheran World Relief

      We would be honored if your youth used “Fill the Well” to raise money for our campaign! We would surely consider that a fair use of the term.

      Thank you for supporting our water projects!