A New Mom’s View

I’m a new mom. To twins. A boy, Max, and his little sister, Elly.

Because Max and Elly were born five weeks premature they have a lot of growing to do. So they eat a lot. And often. Sometimes I can’t keep up with their hunger, and while I’m frantically preparing their next bottles and wondering how I’m going to feed two hungry babies simultaneously, Max and Elly cry. A lot.

It breaks my heart to hear my children crying from hunger. But I know it’s only a matter of a minute or two before I’ll reach out to them with a bottle to nourish their little growing bodies.
My heart breaks even more for the mothers in the Horn of Africa who are hearing their children cry from hunger but don’t have the means to respond. I can’t imagine how a mother bears the pain of seeing her child suffer and not be able to respond.

Although Max and Elly are too young to understand it yet, today I’m teaching my children their first lesson in Christian stewardship and our faith’s call to respond to those who hunger and thirst: I’m making a donation to Lutheran World Relief for its response to the famine in East Africa.

With my financial support, and yours too, LWR can respond to the immediate needs in the communities affected by the crisis — through food, water and other supplies — and LWR can also help them reduce their vulnerability to future droughts.

Donate Now to support LWR’s life-saving work in the Horn of Africa.