DRR in Bihar – Photo Friday

This week’s Photo Friday comes from a small village outside of Madhubani, India. LWR is working with a number of women’s self help groups here on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Civic Participation. Each year they have extreme floods in their village, which can come with little warning. These floods can easily wash away homes, livestock and even other people, if they’re not adequately prepared.

When LWR Staff visited in May, the women in this self help group were proud to show off what they had learned to reduce the risk to their village and their health when the floods come. With the help of LWR’s partner, CASA, they have implemented a warning system to alert the entire village that the floods are coming. Donned with hard hats and life preservers, a group of leaders gather around a hand-drawn map of their village to make an action plan. Where will the floods hit? Who will they evacuate first? Where will they seek higher ground?

They even showed off the first-aid skills they had learned as part of the DRR training. Children came with mocked-up bandages and fake injuries, while the women in the group cared for them. They demonstrated the make-shift cots that they could use to carry away injured people and get them to higher ground.

The next time the floods come to this small village in India, these women will be prepared.