The LWR “Diaper Derby”

There’s something of a baby boom going on here at LWR. We have three staff members who are expecting four children very, very soon. (Yes, you read that correctly. One is expecting twins)

In the event of such joyous occasions we, like many other offices, gather together to celebrate the new arrivals and engage in some good-hearted ribbing of the soon-to-be parents.

One challenge engaged two of the expectant parents along with two other staff members — one a parent, one not. Each challenger was provided a doll and an LWR Baby Care Kit and the mission was to diaper and clothe their “baby” the fastest.

With the audience cheering them on, the challengers all went for the cloth diaper first. But after that, it seemed there were a good many routes they could take. Should they put a t-shirt on the baby or a sleeper? After they put the baby’s outfit on would they use the enclosed jacket? And which blanket was the best to use to swaddle the baby?

When all was said and done there was one winner and four big piles of baby…stuff. As I laughed and enjoyed the scene before me, it really hit home to me that Baby Care Kits really do provide expectant mothers with a good supply of items to care for her baby.

For a mom giving birth in a displacement camp or who has fled her home with only the clothes on her back, imagine the comfort of receiving soft, fresh-smelling items for her baby. In a situation of confusion, hardship and uncertainty, being able to care for her child could be the one thing that empowers a mother to keep moving forward toward the future.

Is anyone in your family expecting? Consider donating Baby Care Kits to Lutheran World Relief in their honor. What better way to celebrate the new loves in your life than to help a mother care for hers?

  • Nikki — who won??

  • Nikki Massie

    You know…I remember that it was NOT one of the expectant parents, but I don’t remember which of the other two contenders won. I was laughing too hard!

  • Melanie

    It was the experienced parent! Though her children are grown, she was the victor by a diaper pin 😉