LWR Partners with Camp Arcadia

by Chandler Carriker

Recently, staff from Lutheran World Relief gathered at our offices in Baltimore with Chip May and Kyle DeWees from Camp Arcadia in Michigan. LWR and Camp Arcadia are collaborating on a plan for Camp Arcadia to join the fight against malaria.

For two days we rejoiced in the joy of outdoor ministry and reflected on the ways that this can be a site for the awesome challenge we have in front of us with the Lutheran Malaria Initiative!

For me, this was an especially exciting opportunity because it brought together two fields of ministry that are important to me: the work we do here at LWR and the camping world. There are lots of us here at Lutheran World Relief that have a background in working at camp, so to have Chip and Kyle here with us helped bring back so many of the great memories of our own camp experiences. It was working at camp that I first remember really being exposed to how the call to follow Christ brings us all into communion with the wider world. This was such an exciting experience that we had LWR staff from all corners of our organization jumping in to be a part!

Summer weeks at Camp Arcadia are mostly made up of family camp, so it is exciting to think about how we will be giving families ways that they can live out their vocations of discipleship together. Martin Luther recognized the home as a central place for the formation of our call of discipleship into the world, so as we look to empower Lutherans to work on behalf of those who are suffering from malaria, the home is an important place to start.

As we move ahead in the summer, I’m excited to see how the seeds that God planted over these few days of planning begin to take root at Camp Arcadia. I will share updates with you throughout the summer, so check back in to see how Camp Arcadia takes on malaria! How are your plans shaping up this summer? Are you headed to one of the many awesome Lutheran outdoor ministry sites? How do your experiences there help to shape the ways God is calling you into service?

Chandler Carriker is LWR’s Congregational Resources Specialist