Unima – Women Thrive

Unima and her husband were severely affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Not only did it bring massive destruction to their village, Unima lost a leg and now walks with the help of a prosthetic leg. Her husband fell from a coconut tree and is confined to a wheelchair.

Unima and her family live in a home with just two rooms — a cramped space used for cooking and another area that they share with their two pigs that live in a pen on one side of the room.

Since her husband is paralyzed, he us unable to work, so the family relies on Unima to earn an income. Though their life is not easy, Unima takes her challenges in stride. And with the help of a Lutheran World Relief project in her area, Unima’s burden is now just a little bit lighter.

Paving Her Path

Unima is a member of a literacy and animal husbandry project supported by LWR, in partnership with local organization LKM Ebeni Haezeri (LKM).

Through the project, women like Unima are learning to read and are gaining valuable skills that they can use to earn income. With support from LWR, she has also purchased three pigs. The project helps her keep her pigs vaccinated and healthy.

Now She Thrives

Now Unima’s family earns their income from selling pigs, vegetables and rice, as well as rubber tapping.

Because her family’s basic needs are now met, Unima is looking to the future. She plans to build a brick pen for her pigs. “Brick pens make for cleaner and healthier pigs. They weigh more and sell for a higher price,” she says. A brick pen also means she and her family don’t have to share their home with animals.

LWR and LKM are working with farmers like Unima to help them to earn income to support their families and look to the future with hope.

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