Join me in Colombia

Dear Friends,

My tenure as president of Lutheran World Relief began a mere four months ago, and as my trusted colleagues continue to remind me, my initiation at LWR is far from complete. Over these past four months I have been blessed by innumerable illuminating experiences – visits with wise and inspiring quilting groups, worship services among congregations of great witness, and thoughtful conversation with many generous donors.

In a few short days my initiation will continue, as I travel to Colombia to meet eye to eye and hand to hand the partners with whom we work each day. I’ll hope you’ll join me by reading my travel blog and responding.

In Christ’s Service,

John Nunes

  • Anonymous


    It’s great to hear you’ll be “taking us with you” in a sense. Please let us know your impressions of the living situation for the rural communities.

  • Rev. Gerson Flor

    Hi John,
    I hope you enjoy the trip, the fellowship with our Colombian brethren, and your ongoing initiation into your office.
    Congratulations also on your first grandchild. What a beautiful name, eh? An Old Testament nerd like me can only pray it is a prophetic name.
    Greetings from the GTA. Your passing here has been a blessing to many people, that is what I keep hearing.
    Peace in Christ,


  • Phillip

    I was gld to hear that you would be exploring Colombia. It can be a beautiful and wonderous place. I am looking forward to the outcomes and the strategic planning that may result from your journeys.


  • Patrick Ngowi

    Hi John,

    I am an ardent Lutheran, working to improve lives of poor children in Tanzania, East Africa.

    My parish in Marangu is in a struggle to fundraise $30,000 to finalise a vocational school in that rural community which will target more than 3,000 unskilled youths. I pray that one day your global journeys will bring you and your blessings to us. I also pray that readers following your journeys will see passion to join us in this noble work.

    Freedom in Christ


  • Monique Nunes

    Baltimore Lutheran School is praying for you! Have a blessed day!
    ~Monique Nunes

  • Monique Nunes

    I pray that you are having a good day. We are praying for you.
    From: John Nunes Jr.

  • Rich Bimler

    John …Travel well, my St. Arbucks friend! Health and Hope in the Lord!

  • Anonymous

    John, We are praying for you…Always be 100% present in the moment you are in and listen with all your senses, the fellowship you have with our Columbian brethren will be that much richer for you both…
    Rest well tonight as you prepare for another day of doing God’s Will.

  • Anonymous

    Good morning, John…
    as i prepare to head off to Bethany this morning, just wanted to let you know i am keeping you in my prayers. God’s continued blessings as you see first hand the awesome things that LWR is doing for God’s people in Columbia. Thanks for the blog posts – it is nice to have you as our eyes & ears. Be well friend and travel safe.

    ~liz mcadams
    chicago, il usa
    Romans 8:38-39

  • Juan Callejas

    Hi John! It’s Juan Callejas, from Guatemala.

    I just wanted to say hi, and let you know that my family and I are moving to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am taking up a position there at Whirlpool Brazil. If you ever come that way, please let me know.

    My email is